Espanol con el Quijote

Dates and Prices


The classes of ‘Español con el Quijote’ are exclusive and will only be offered several times a year. We always try to combine a week of class with a village party to ensure an ultimate cultural experience. Classes and activities take place from Monday until Friday, most village festivities take place on Saturday. Of course these festivities are optional.

Because the journey to Almedina takes a few hours we expect you in our village the night before classes start, of course you are welcome a day or two before.

Classes of 2021:

Private RoomHostel
AugCancelled due to Corona--
Octclasses from friday the 1st untill wednesday the 6th of october, THE annual parties from thursday the 7th of october€485,-€395,-

* Price includes Accommodation, Food, Classes and Activities.

*Groups (12 or more) can make a reservation for other weeks too. If you want to come with a big group, contact us and we will decide what would be a good date for you.


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