Espanol con el Quijote




From the heart of Spain we offer authentic and fairly priced language courses.

Within Almedina and its surroundings, located on the border with Andalusia, Cervantes invented one of the biggest adventures ever told: that of Don Quijote de la Mancha and his loyal shield-bearer Sancho. Like Cervantes send Don Quijote off road, we invite you to adventurously discover the Spanish language and culture in our village Almedina.

Don Quijote demonstrated that the best way to learn a language is through interaction with others. Inspired through this idea, we developed an activity program that encourages the interaction with the villagers of Almedina. For example, our mothers of Almedina can show you how to cook typical Spanish dishes, you can play a soccer with the local youth or learn to play Spanish guitar.

This is the unique aspect of our course: Involvement with the inhabitants of Almedina, through which students can integrate in a spanish environment in a nice and natural way. Next to this there are many other reasons to come to Almedina.