Espanol con el Quijote


Our language school is not just a typical language school. Besides the language classes we will offer you a cultural experience.  Because Almedina is such a close community you will get to learn Spanish by talking to our neighbours, doing groceries and getting to know many people.


9.00 – 13.00                             Class (20 hours a week)
In afternoon                             Activities (10 hours a week)


Teaching methods

Classes take place in small groups (maximum of 6) in which all aspects of the Spanish language will be educated (grammar, spelling, literature and conversation). Classes are taught by authorised teachers. Besides classical lessens we offer special internships, e.g. helping out in the grocery shop or kiosk. You will be surprised how much this will increase your understanding and use of Spanish.


Español con el Quijote teaches language courses in accordance with the internationally acknowledged levels of the Cervantes institute.

A1 and A2 = Beginners level
B1 and B2 = Average level
C1 and C2 = High level


To extend your knowledge about the Spanish language and culture we designed a program of activities which is closely related to the surroundings and way of living in Almedina. By participating in this voluntary program you will expand your knowledge about the Spanish language and culture in an interactive and fun way.

Depending on the season and the wishes of our students we select the activities. Have a look at our facebook to get an impression of the different kinds of activities we had in previous years. Popular ones are:

  • Vintage + Guided tour at the wine cooperation + wine, ham and cheese tasting
  • Cooking workshop
  • Exploring the surroundings: lakes of ruidera, the castle
  • Paëlla afternoon with music
  • Scouting expedition through the village
  • Hiking tour