Espanol con el Quijote


Elza Oegema

How can I explain in a few sentences how special and fun Almedina was? This is almost impossible. From the first moment I felt welcome and I found myself walking in the village, greeting, talking, as if I had been living there for years. In the morning we had classes in the beautiful city hall, in the afternoon we took part in different activities. What these were I will not give away, but it was fun! And at the end of the week we experienced the big party in and with the village. We even got invited to have dinner someone’s place, they were all so hospitable and friendly. All in all the beautiful weather, the astonishing surroundings, the lovely food, the fun group and the hospitality of the villagers made this an unforgettable experience!

Richard Krol

“When I came to Almedina I already spoke quite a bit of Spanish. For me it wasn’t really about the language but more about the culture. What would be a better place to get to know the Spanish culture than a small village in the middle of La Mancha, the region where Don Quijote experiences his adventures? On the first place Almedina doesn’t look like a place with many possibilities, but we did not have one boring day without nice activities. We harvested grapes, we saw bulls running through the streets, we did a scouting expedition and we visited a castle. I will never forget the contact I had with the people and the habits and traditions I got to know. Also, it was really nice to share this experience with the other students!”

Jannie Haverkamp

What a wonderful experience to learn Spanish with enthusiastic fellow students and many helpful and good-natured inhabitants of the quiet village Almedina. In the morning we were taught by a caring group of Spaniards and in the afternoon they organized fun activities, like going to a local birthday party, hiking of making soap from olive oil. Every afternoon they served us a lovely Spanish meal. Totally fantastic were the parties ‘del Rosario’ at the end of the week. We enjoyed every part from morning until evening. We returned home tired but satisfied, with Almedina in our hearts forever.

Annick Schür

“The week in Almedina was great. For me it was more than just a language school. The whole week a group of involved Spaniards was caring about us. In the morning they gave s classes and the evenings we spend together in a bar or on a terrace. During the day they cooked us marvelous food which was followed by group activity to get to know the surroundings. We were the only tourists of the village and we sure felt welcome. Because of this we had a unique and authentic experience. The annual village party was the perfect end of the week. Talking together, laughing, drinking and dancing!”

Wouter Reijngoud

Before my participation in the language course in Almedina, my level of Spanish could be summarized with the words ‘Si’ and ‘No’. A week in Almedina was enough to upgrade my Spanish, which allowed me to have conversations with my fellow students and the people of Almedina. What I liked most about the language course was the combination of the lessons in the morning and the cultural activities in the afternoon. I could speak Spanish the whole day, which allowed me to learn it very quickly!